What is the Basics On Mental Health./ The Basics On Spiritual Health

 Chapter 7 and 8


The Basics On Mental Health


            Generally, one needs to have a healthy mind to be able to do things right. Our mental power helps us become effective in what we do. Further, it plays an important role in our lives to help keep things in order. Mental health is a general term. However, it relates to the overall condition of our mind where our level of psychological health is high and at the same time free of any mental disorders.

Mental health

Happy Mind, Happy Life

           A person’s ability of staying happy and enjoying life can also be measured by their mental health. The reason for this is that our mental capacity can greatly affect our emotions, thus our expressions and reactions are also affected.

        When your mental health is poor your judgment on things is also poor because your mind cannot function rationally. Being mentally ill will change the way you look at life and react on it. Most of the time you are emotionally unstable, which is why a lot of people who are not having a healthy state of mind becomes an easy target of depression and other forms of mental disorders.

       Our mental health can be affected by a lot of things including our physical make up, environment, work, relationships and genetics.

       Today, a lot of studies have been made purposely to give high priority and importance on how a person achieves mental wellness for the reason that people nowadays need to cope with the world that requires healthy people, both physically and mentally to be able to live a bountiful and creative life.

           In general, the areas of our life that can be deeply affected by our mental condition are our spirituality, work, relationships, emotions, relaxation and self-direction. Moreover, we have to understand that even if we are mentally and emotionally healthy, it does not alwaysmean that we will never experience hassles from the uncontrollable and unforeseen issues. However, a healthy mind and spirit will help us cope with any challenges with a better outlook which can help us to stay focused, flexible and result driven.

           To be able to maintain good mental health, we need to prevent any risk factors that can trigger mental and emotional instability. Also, when facing a difficult situation, stay focused and identify the root cause of the problem so that you will know how exactly to deal with it.

             Finally, since all of us want to have a beautiful and peaceful life, let us all allow ourselves to relax and fill our lives with positive people and always choose to have constructive relationships rather than the opposite.

Chapter 8:

The Basics On Spiritual Health


           Our spirit is technically not part of our physical attributes, but it is considered a significant part of our wholeness as human beings. Our body works in harmony with our mind and spirit, thus each of them can affect one or the other. Having said that, if you are concerned with your physical and mental health you also need to be equally concerned with your spiritual wellbeing.

Spiritual health

Get In Touch

          Many of us are not aware that having a healthy spirit allows our body to heal faster as it can contribute good energy while you are in the process of healing. While it is not considered the actual cure, it is still considered a part of your treatment since it can greatly help you manage any pain and complications that usually go with an illness.

           Spiritual health can be attained when you’re life is in perfect harmony. Meaning, you find comfort even when you are in pain and you find hope even when you are in despair. Life is completely different when your spirit is healthy.

             Sometimes when we are seriously ill, we tend to forget our beliefs and just let it die because we feel that our sickness is eating us up.

              But what we do not know is that when we are spiritually healthy, we have more strength to combat sicknesses of any form simply because we are complete beings. Therefore when our body, mind as well as our spirit is in harmony, our chance to recover fast is high.

              On the other hand, if you feel that your spiritual health is not in good shape, take time to reflect and look at how you live your life in a wider perspective. Stop for a while and listen to your inner soul and feel its calmness. That way you can well understand the very essence of your life, what is it that makes you feel completeand where exactly it is that you find your inner strength. Above all, keep a positive outlook on life and you will see how your life will change for the better.



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