The Basics On Eating Right,The Basics On Exercise.

 Chapter 3 and chapter 4

The Basics On Eating Right


Eating right means feeding your body with the right amount and types of food needed to survive each day. When you eat nutritional food you are letting your body absorb the energy that it needs to provide you with more stable energy and moods throughout the day.

Health food

Healthy Foods Healthy Life

As you live your daily life, you can plan out a diet that is healthy but also tasty. You don’t need to starve yourself to be idealistically thin.

You just need to eat right and exercise regularly to achieve a well-balanced healthy mind and body. The key is moderation. In all cases, whether or not it is about health or career, strong decisions always play an important role. Once you decide and commit yourself to staying healthy and eating right you are bound to achieve it. The first step to do that is to have a successful mindset about what you are planning.

If you will believe that that you can achieve and maintain a well- balanced diet, it will happen. Just do it in small and gradual steps so that you will not feel that you are obligated to do it. When you are happy with what you are doing, things become easier and eventually it become part of your system.

The goal of healthy eating is for you to maintain a healthy diet that you can sustain for a lifetime. Therefore, after knowing which foods are best for your health, set a standard and food moderation.

Remember, the goal is long term and not just achieving your ideal weight. Thus, make sure to set moderation in good balance of fat, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals for you to achieve a well-balanced and healthy body.

On the other hand, when you eat, take time to grind your food. It will not only let you savor the food, it will also improve digestion. Also, when you think that you have already consumed enough, stop eating!  Normally it takes a few moments for your stomach to get a signal from your brain that you are already full.

Healthy food

Eating fruits and veggies in every meal will complete your healthy diet as they are rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals while giving you low calories in the body. In general, fruits and vegetables that are deeply colored have more concentrated vitamins and minerals that can give you more benefits. Consuming five slices is enough for a day.

Also, get enough healthy carbs and avoid unhealthy fats. Whole grains are the best source of healthy carbs that can give you lasting energy for the entire day. It is also rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals that can help you stay away from cancer, coronary heart disease and diabetes. On the other hand, eating healthy fats will Help you nourish your cells, brain, heart, hair, nails and skin.

Additionally, it can help you sustain a good mood and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also helps you avoid dementia.

Chapter 4:

The Basics On Exercise


Most of us know how important exercise is in our daily lives is. It is one of the backbones of our overall health. To add, physical exercise is proven effective in reducing stress as well as emotional setbacks.

When you exercise on a regular basis you are more likely to stay healthier, happier and composed most of the time compared to those who rarely exercise. 


Keep Fit

Despite the fact that we know how important exercise is, still we cannot find time to do it and stick to our exercise schedule on a regular basis. Why do we need to exercise anyway? What do we get out of it? Read on to understand more about the concept and benefits of exercise. Regular exercise has countless benefits, below are the most noted.

1. An effective way to lose weight while maintaining a healthy and lean body even as you age.

2. Effective in maintaining bone mass.

3. Lowers bad cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

4. Effective in reducing stress and enhancing sleep.

5. Maintains good cardiovascular health, energy, flexibility and a good physical image.

The above mentioned are the most known benefits of exercise. Many people are under the impression that when they are doing their regular activities such as gardening, sweeping, washing the car, cleaning the dishes and the like, they are already exercising and expect to get the same benefits of structured exercise. This is not the case!

Unfortunately, your daily activities are different from structured exercise, where you can expect great results. Your daily activitieswill just help you burn some calories and stay active. Thus, if you want optimum results, you should do both on a regular basis.


To get a good start, see your doctor and ask for advice as you might have some limitations when you exercise. In most cases however, exercises are safe to perform. Limitations only apply to people who are suffering from chronic diseases, heart problems, arthritis, bone problems, high blood pressure, respiratory problems and the like.

Once you have done the initial steps, find out which exercise best suits you and make it a routine. Do not strain yourself. Do it gradually but regularly. Make sure that you enjoy what you are doing, because if you don’t you will eventually lose interest in doing it. You may try changing your routine and try other fitness exercises as long as you can benefit from it. This should be done to reduce boredom in the long run.



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