Magnificent journey of Arvind Arora A2 Motivation

  Magnificent journey of Arvind Arora  A2 Motivation

 Arvind Arora, who hails from a small town, Suratgarh in Rajasthan and belonged to a simple family, has a life story which is highly inspirational and worth mentioning.

Arvind Arora/A2 

    Life is a journey of ups and downs and success is linked to our actions, our stands and our takes during those upheavals or downturns. Moving above the stereotypical societal notions of so- called “Aukaat”, here we have a dynamic personality who defined success with unflinchingly strong, never dying spirit.

Arvind Arora

      Arvind Arora, who hails from a small town, Suratgarh in Rajasthan and belonged to a simple family, has a life story which is highly inspirational and worth mentioning. With more than 10 million Subscribers, his channel A2 Motivation, needs no introduction. Beginning his YouTube journey as a Chemistry teacher and then expanding his horizon as Video Creator, he has added a sensational dynamism to the working of YouTube beyond a simple channel of entertainment.

       Counting on the achievements first, He has most no. of individual views on any channel in India with 5 billion views. He currently owns 9 YouTube Play Buttons out of which 7 are Sliver (received on reaching or crossing 100,000 subscribers) and 2 are Golden (received on reaching or crossing 1,000,000 subscribers). In a remarkable gain, his A2 Motivation attained world ranking of 1st fastest growing channels among the Top 50 most Viewed Channels Worldwide. This ranking is published by International Media Tubefilter. There is no media platform where you won’t find A2 Motivation and on average he has 15 million followers combined from all the social media platforms.

          There is a huge list to his achievements, but the most important thing here is to know that how a simple chemistry teacher became a digital star. His struggle to success story is all about his discovery of phoenix in himself and giving a counter to the stereotypical notions linked to status.

         There had been many turning points in his life and fighting against failure, each time, finally made him what he is now. Considering a humble family background which mostly relied on shopkeeping, he self-independently did his graduation in engineering by taking a loan. He courageously fought all the odds with a thought “People can’t dictate my future. I will try and If I will fall, I won’t Blame anyone”.

         After excelling in First year of engineering, he got fascinated by the dazzling world of the college and received low marks in subsequent year. However, it is well established fact that Leaders always discover their mistakes and try to conquer them. This realization drew to him from a small incident in a hotel where a family’s son couldn’t pay the bills and a mother had to pay the same from her pocket. Conscious drew upon him and then he directed his efforts towards productive work. The success was evident as he received Silver Medal the next Year. Beginning his career with mere Rs 11,000 job he now has a net worth ranging between 50 lakh to 3 Crore.

        The success Mantra of his life lied on how he perceived the same:

1) Let not people decide your future, be the driver of your own success.

2) Whenever you fall, see through its advantages and concentrate towards your goal.

3) No one is perfect in this world, but the person who is aware and knows how to find answers to the questions can never loose.

4) Success mantra of how-to sale is communication, discover the art you will succeed.

5) People will try to push you down depending upon your status, listen to them but never revert back because if you would revert then you will never reach the point where God wants to see you.

6) General perception regarding opportunities is wrong, they never come to your life (as believed), you need to create them and give the best shot at the right time. So be ready always.

7) Fate is linked to merging of readiness with opportunities, so be ready when you are served opportunities.

Summing in his words, “I won’t change my dreams according to my position or status, I will change my position or status to match my dreams.

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